What You Should Do if Blue Tongue Skinks Pees on You?


Blue tongue skink lizards generally do not like to be handled or held in laps and most of the people do not even know how exactly to hold the reptile to make it comfortable. Therefore, if you hold your pet lizard too hard or too loosely, chances are that it will end up peeing on you. If it does, the first thing is to not panic. The urine of blue tongue lizards is completely transparent and harmless. Most of the people get scared and throw the animal off their lap; this is exactly what scares the hell out of the poor creature.

Stay calm and slowly remove the lizard from your lap, place it gently in its cage and then go to clean yourself. The urine is not likely to leave any stains or marks on your shirt or dress but there are chances that you may not be able to wear the shirt because of the high, stringent smell of a blue tongue reptile. You can try to soak your shirt overnight in warm water and a good detergent but there are chances that the smell might not go away. If the urine has landed on your hands and arms, then there is nothing to worry about. The urine of a BTS does not sting, so all you need to do is to wash your hands thoroughly with a good anti-bacterial soap and then apply a moisturizer to keep your skin in a good shape and to suppress the smell.

You need to train your pet lizard to go out for peeing; this is not a very difficult job since these animals only urinate once in a day. As soon as you take them out, they will understand the business and go for it. However, you need to set a routine for it so that you do not have to clean its enclosure every second day. If your lizard is urinating or passing stool a lot (more than once a day) then reduce its diet. If that does not help improve the situation, then go to see a pet at once. Most of the, the lizards suffer from problems of over ingestion, which if not controlled for in time can result in the blue tongue skink’s health. Taking care of your pet is your responsibility, so do not run away from it instead be extra careful about it. The healthier you are animal, the more at peace your life will be too.