Using Tupperware Enclosures and Cleaning


Knowing which material to choose for the tank or terrarium of your Blue Tongued Skink Reptile is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, the material should be cool and should be easily heated using a heat lamp so that your reptile can get the perfect humidity and heat level inside the tank. Secondly, the material should be such that you can clean is easily on a daily basis. Thirdly, Blue Tongues Skinks are normally curious creatures and they like to be able to see through the material. For all of these reasons, skink experts claim that glass is the best material for the tank of your pet reptile.

Another material to build the house of your lizard is Tupperware. If you are keeping a skink reptile for a few days then Tupperware enclosure is fine but this should never be the permanent home of your pet. For one thing, Tupperware is not glass but a form of plastic so the reptile is likely to be irritated by it. The heat from the heat lamp or direct sunlight can damage the Tupperware, which is difficult to heat according to desired levels.

Another problem with using Tupperware is that the reptile is unable to see through the material. Even though the Blue Tongued Skink is not a climber, they are still very curious animals and like to see outside their tanks. Tupperware does not allow them the opportunity to see anything farther than the walls of the Tupperware itself, which can be pretty boring even for a reptile. But if you are transporting your blue tongue skink or you want to keep them someplace safe, while you clean their glass tank, then Tupperware enclosures can pretty convenient.

Depending on the rate at which the terrarium of your pet gets dirty and the amount of substrate you have, you need to clean the tank every week or every other week or so. You should spot clean every other day to get out old substrate and fecal matter. Every month or so, take out the reptile and all materials and give the tank a good and thorough cleaning. You can do this by taking out the substrate and the blue tongue skink and wiping the tank walls and floor with anti-bacterial soap and hot water. You should also use bleach solution before drying the tank and putting everything back in.

Put in fresh substrate after you are done and make sure to clean the basking rock of the reptile as well since skink likes sitting on the rock for hours at an end.