Social Interaction of the Blue Tongue Skink


Blue Tongues Skinks are some of the easiest pets to keep in the house. They are also very sociable animals and pose no real threats to human beings. In fact, they feel comfortable in the presence of humans especially if they are well fed and well handled.

Their smooth and hard bodies make it very easy to hold them and they do not really mind it if you take them out of their enclosure to play with them. In fact, interacting with your skink on a daily basis is very good for developing a bond with your Skink and for ensuring that any violent tendencies in the animal are reduced. These animals are also very curious and exploiting this trait can help develop their personalities and social interaction tendencies.

Every blue tongue skink has a personality of its own, which involves its own preferences in the diet and in interaction with human beings. Some skinks are a little shy when it comes to human interaction, they may try to escape as soon as they get a chance to. It is important to be very patient and consistent with your blue tongue lizard to ensure that it does not try to escape.  Overtime, you can take your pet to such an extent that it can roam around in the house like a dog or a cat and can even watch TV with you after you come back from school or office. Therefore, if you are planning to get a blue tongue skink, you should go for it at once.

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