Skink Respiratory Infection


Keeping a blue tongue skink or any other pet can be a big responsibility. You need to make sure that your lizard is comfortable in its cage or enclosure, has a natural habitat and a good exposure to both heat and light. Too much humidity or very little sunlight can make your skink sick. Similarly, improper diet or irregular patterns of feeding can also lead to a number of problems in your pet animal. However, as far as respiratory infections and diseases are concerned, blue tongue skink lizards are very much immune to most of them. There irregular breathing patterns is a normal thing and does not mean that your lizard has some kind of infection.

Most of the time, the reptiles make a spurring noise while breathing, this means that they are clearing out their breathing passage way which is a natural process and does not indicate any kind of pressure on lungs. Similarly, if your lizard is sneezing a lot you should wait a little before concluding it as a respiratory infection. A proper infection is very hard to tell in most of these reptile lizards since there are no particular symptoms to it. It may happen that sometimes what you are considering as a routine matter is in fact the beginning of a breathing disease.

Most of the skink lizards suffer from respiratory infection because of changes in temperature of light i.e. if the temperature of their enclosure is warm and you suddenly place them out in the cold weather; being cold blooded, these lizards are not used to quick adjustment to temperature, which results in various kinds of respiratory infections and diseases. In order to ensure that your Blue Tongue Skink is actually suffering from a disease, you should observe its regular patterns of sneezing and spurring for a few days. If the patterns are irregular, your skink may in fact be suffering from a problem; in such a case, you need to take action instantly because respiratory infections tend to spread very quickly in these lizards.

Most of the vets suggest that an improvement in diet and a regular cleaning of enclosure can increase the immunity of blue tongue lizards and can reduce the chances of an infection. During the disease, it is preferable to keep your reptiles in a slightly warmer place and to give it some extra food supplements to make it fight the disease on its own. A respiratory infection does not last more than a week in skink. Therefore, there is nothing much to worry about, proper attention and care is all your lizard needs.