Determining the Best Dimensions for Skink Cage


Reptiles like the Blue Tongues Skink do not require a lot of space in the house to move around. This is primarily because they do not climb and nor do they run about too much. However, they still like to maneuver and burrow and move about in a comfortable way. Therefore, if you are planning to keep a skink, purchasing a glass tank or terrarium of the proper dimension is important. It is made even more important if you can planning to keep more than one reptile because two reptiles will need more space than one and most of this space is required in the form of floor space.

Most keepers of the Blue Tongued Skink will talk about the space requirements of the reptile in terms of gallons. This is why you need to know the conversions of inches and centimeters in gallons and vice versa. A baby Blue Tongues Skink needs only about a terrarium of 10 gallons but an adult skink needs to have a terrarium that is at least 36 inches long.

However, when comparing two different tank measurements, you should remember that your pet needs more floor space than height. For example, a 20 gallon tank and 15 gallon tank comparison would lead you to believe that the 20 gallon tank is better but most of this space could be in the form of height while most of the space in the 15 gallon tank could be in the form of floor spacing making this a better choice for your lizard.

Additionally, if the tank has a lot of height, the heating lamp that you will place on top of the screen will not be able to heat the entire tank adequately and you will probably need a bulb of higher strength in order to achieve temperatures inside the tank suitable for the reptile.

Try your best not to purchase a terrarium or tank for your reptile without looking at it. It is important so that you can make sure that the tank is not too high and is at least three feet long and two feet wide for an adult BTS.

If you have worked with glass sheets before, you can try making the enclosure yourself as well provided that you have the right measurements, glass sheets that are thick enough and a super-strength glass glue to attach the sheets together. This arrangement will definitely save you a lot of money and give you the cage you desire for your blue tongue skink.