Tips on Successful Skinks Breeding


The breeding of a blue tongue skink lizard is similar to that of a number of other reptiles; the process takes place slowly and requires proper preparation beforehand. Here are some of the tips that can help you breed your reptile successfully:

  • Before thinking of breeding, it is very important to ensure that your lizard is in good shape and is actually ready for mating and reproducing. Double-check the mate that you are introducing for any kind of viral or bacterial disease including mites, mouth rot or other parasitic diseases.
  • The female should be at least two years of age for successful breeding while the male lizard can be around one year old.
  • It is very important that you are completely sure about the sex of your lizard because if you introduce two males or two females together, they will end up fighting and hurting each other.
  • Makes sure that your lizard goes under the period of burmation, this helps prepare the skink for capsulation and develops the organs in the body necessary for reproduction.
  • During burmation so not touch, handle or move your blue skink lizard, the movements can cause the lizard to become active again, which can reduce the chances of successful breeding.
  • Right amount of temperature and little or no quantities of food should be given to the lizard during the hibernation period so that all the energy is focused on keeping the body warm and in making the internal body mechanism strong.
  • Remove the substrate before introducing the female in the enclosure; this is important because not only the substrate hinders the process but it can also get stuck inside the female which can be very painful.
  • The  blue tongue skink usually get very rough and aggressive during mating; therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on them as soon as they are introduced in the same cage. Small amount of injuries to the female is a normal thing but if there aggressiveness is causing too much bleeding or deep injuries, it is best to separate them and try a different mating partner instead.
  • The copulation process does not take more than 30 seconds to almost a minute. During this time, the female will keep on twitching its tail while the male grabs her around the neck.
  • Weight your female lizard before and one month after the mating to see if she is actually pregnant. After the mating, take good care of the female’s diet to ensure good health of the mother and healthy babies.