Tips on Preparing Food for a Picky Blue Tongue Skink Reptile


One of the major reasons why the Blue Tongued Skink reptile is considered to be the easiest lizard to keep in the house is because they can eat just about everything and it is very easy to gather and prepare their meals. These reptiles will eat vegetables and plant matter as well as fruits, mice, insects etc. Every once in a while, depending on the nature of the supplements, the reptile should be given vitamin, calcium and D3 supplements by dusting the powder on their regular food.

Preparation of the food for the blue tongue skink is also an easy job but it is also a very important job because different reptiles will have their own preferences for having the food given to them in a certain way. If you do not comply, then it is possible that they might stop eating altogether or they may not eat as much as they should. In certain cases, the this lizard may automatically stop eating for days at an end, while this behavior might be natural, replacing their food with other food items or presenting the food to the reptile in a different manner might get the reptile to start eating again.

If your skink reptile is oligophagous, that is if your reptile likes certain foods but not the others, it will take time for you to figure them out. If the reptile refuses to eat vegetables, you can try and purée the vegetables into cat food and sneak it to the reptile. Perhaps, your pet reptile will accept the vegetables in the cat food form.  You can try to chop collard greens and tomato bits into the cat food as well in order to get the maximum nutrition to the reptile. Many BTS reptiles seem to love eating scrambled eggs and bananas so if your reptile seems to be picky, don’t forget to try scrambled eggs and bananas. Most of all, do not give up; with so many different food options, you can be as creative as you like until you find out what kind of food your skink likes.

If your blue-tongued skink reptile is still a baby, you need to finely chop all food items that you give to it whether they are insects, fruits or vegetables because baby reptiles have smaller throats and a harder time gulping down food that is larger than their mouths. When you are preparing the food on the kitchen counters, clean the counters before and after preparing the meal for the best health concerns of your family as well as your pet.