Harm of Replying too Much on Pet Store Advice while Buying Blue Tongue Skink


Since you are the one who is going to keep a pet, you know best what kind of pet you want for yourself i.e. while looking for a blue tongue skink to keep as a pet, it is very important to do your research beforehand. An informed client is difficult to mislead as compared to the one who has little or no knowledge about the very basics of the blue tongue skink lizards. It is seen most of the time that people rely too much on the advices given to them by different pet stores. They fail to realize the simple fact that pet stores are doing their business, their main objective is to sell off the animal and they will do it either by hook or by crook.

Relying too much on what the pet store is saying has a number of drawbacks; firstly, the chances of the people defrauding you are very much increased since you are willing to believe everything the store is telling you. Secondly, they may charge a higher price for an unhealthy animal since you will not be able to determine health of the animal on your own. Along with this, they can also ask for a higher price of the feed of the animal, you should know what kind of things do a skink lizard eat and what items and supplements you should add to its diet in order to make it healthy.

Some pet stores advise to buy wild caught lizards since they are more active and learn things quickly; this may not be entirely true. Wild caught lizards may be more active, yet they are also very aggressive and comparatively difficult to tame. Buying a home bred lizard is a much safer option since they are usually free from different kinds of skin diseases and other problems. Buying this lizard requires a lot of careful observation and a general analysis for which it is necessary to know the basics of these types of reptiles.

But this does not mean that all experts at pet stores are working for their own benefits; in fact most of them are actually very experienced and know everything about blue tongue lizards. Yet it is best to know about the pet that you are planning to keep beforehand so that you can verify the information that they are giving you with your own knowledge. Weigh all your options thoroughly and then make the decision accordingly, so that you do not regret it in the long run.