Feeding Precautions of the Blue Tongue Skink


While it is not common for the Blue Tongued Skink reptile to have feeding problems, you might occasionally come across certain dietary abnormalities with your reptile. Clearly, you need to know what you should do in such situations, what items in their diet plan to change or remove completely. If such strategies do not work, get in touch with an animal expert or reptile expert as soon as possible for further assistance and guidance.

People who keep Blue Tongued Skink reptile for the first time run into the problem of the frequency with which to feed the reptile. This is because these creatures have a habit of eating any and all amounts of food that is put in front of them. Do not be fooled by this behavior because if you continue to feed them, they can overeat and become fat or even get sick.

Other people might have a reptile that refuses to eat for months at an end, usually the winters. Normally, such reptiles will stop eating completely without any types of abnormalities and this could especially be the case in the breeding season. If you do not want your reptile to breed, you should continue to offer food once a week even if he does not respond to any meal. It is possible that you have been keeping the same diet for too long and the skink has grown tired of it.

Try to boost his appetite by offering a fuzzy mouse or something unique. Sometimes, this will not work as the skink is being stubborn and does not want to eat. Some Blue Tongued Skink reptiles may only like certain thing which is why you will have to apply the trial and error method to find out what those things are. For instance, if your Blue Tongued Skink reptile only eats fruits then you can take away the fruit from their diet and offer them vegetables combined with cat food. Something like this should get his attention and encourage him to start eating again.

Sometimes, your Blue Tongued Skink reptile may get diarrhea as well in which case you should keep him away from soft foods like kiwi and give him solid foods like broiled chicken. With such a diet plan, his bowel movements and digestive system will get back on track soon enough. If you have offered live prey to the reptile like insects or rodents and they are left uneaten, don’t forget to remove the prey from the reptile’s enclosure on a timely basis.