Explaining the Feeding Mechanism of Blue Tongue Skink


Feeding the Blue Tongued Skink reptile is one of the easiest things in the care plan of such reptiles because they are omnivores. You can choose from a vast array of options that include meat, poultry and green food because these reptiles will consume just about everything given to them, with only a few exceptions.

Most types of insects including wax worms, crickets, cockroaches, locusts and mealworms are all part of the typical diet of a Blue Tongued Skink reptile. You can also offer some dog food to your reptile in case you have a dog and have plenty of dog food lying around. But dog food should only form part of the diet for the reptile and should not be the main component. Almost 25-30 percent of the diet of a Blue Tongued Skink reptile should comprise of vegetables. Vegetables that you can be given to your reptile include flowers like dandelions, watercress, mustard cress, clover, kohlrabi, parsley, turnip greens, escarole, collards, endive, carrot tops, green beans, peas, sweet potato, peppers, corn, grated carrot, mango tout, bean sprouts and Chinese leaves. Fruits such as apricots, bananas and apple figs can be given to the reptile as well. What you have to remember is that these vegetables and fruits should be well-mixed and in small bite sized pieces.

Adult Blue Tongued Skink reptiles might accept rodents like a pinky or fuzzy mouse as well but they should be offered as occasional treats only. You can also include poultry items in the diet of your Blue Tongued Skink reptile such as ground turkey, eggs, bread and most of commercial diets. Since these reptiles consume a wide variety of items, change their menu every so often.

Baby reptiles should be fed daily or twice a day for three months and you should be extra vigilant about their diet in order to make sure they have a stable growth rate. Once an appropriate adult size is reached, you can stop feeding them every day but every other day. Try to keep track of the growth and activity patterns of your skink so that you can change their diets accordingly. You need to dust all food items you serve to the Blue Tongued Skink reptile with high quality calcium and vitamin supplements. If you think that your adult Blue Tongued Skink reptile might be getting chunky, you should cut down the size of their diet. Moreover, provide a bowl of fresh water for the reptile in their enclosure and make sure to change it every day.