Distinguishing Traits of Male and Female Blue Tongue Skink


Blue tongue skinks are a rare species of reptiles with a body full of scales that looks more like a snake than a lizard. Usually found in dry or semi humid places, BTS can become a very good pet for people who like to keep animals that require slight attention. Most of the skinks are shy of human beings and may require some time to adjust to the environment that you might have provided them in your home, yet as they get used to it, they can become very interactive and friendly. Since this reptile can remember faces and recognize voices, you can make them your friend in no time.

There are very minute differences in the appearance of a male and female blue tongue skink lizard which can be noticed on close inspection only. Generally the male and female organs of the lizard are internally placed and so you cannot just turn over your lizard to see what sex it belongs to. The most prominent difference in appearance is that of the skin patterns and colors. It has been generally observed that male blue tongue lizards have more defined and fine patterns on their body that are easily visible to the on lookers while the female skink has combination of dull brown on its body that cannot be distinguished in to clear patterns.

Along with this, the size of the head for both male and female lizards is different; male lizards usually have broader heads with a smaller neck and very small limbs while the female has a smaller neck but a disproportionate neck that is accompanied with comparatively stronger limbs. Thus a female is swifter in running and moving around as compared to the male. Similarly, male blue tongue lizards are said to be much more aggressive than females but females can also show aggression if they sense any danger around.

During mating season, the male becomes overly protective and aggressive towards the female; he may even end up hurting and injuring the female during the process but apart from this both male and female skink usually get along pretty well. Although both genders are omnivorous, yet the male lizard tends to eat more meat than the female, in fact, the overall diet of a male skink is higher than that of the female. Whether you get a male or a female blue tongue skink lizard, you need to make sure that you take good care of him or her. Keeping a pet is a full time responsibility, so think before you go to buy a pet for yourself.