Diet of a Blue Tongue Skink


Eating is one of the primary habits of the Blue Tongued Skink reptile apart from sunning themselves all day long. This is why, knowing what to feed them and what their diet patterns should be is very important if you wish to keep a healthy and well-fed pet reptile. You should also be able to recognize if your reptile is not eating properly and what could the possible reasons for that be. In extreme situations, do not hesitate to contact a vet or a reptile expert and definitely, do not experiment with different unorthodox diets with your skink reptile.

In the very broadest sense of the term, Blue Tongued Skink reptiles are omnivores which means that they eat plants as well as meat and you need to design their diet accordingly. This also means that you have a wide variety of dietary options to choose for them since they tend to eat just about anything edible put in front of them.

Generally, the Blue Tongued Skink reptile will like to consume small sized insects including worms and snails as well as plants likes fruits, berries and vegetables. However, this reptile not only eats just about everything, but can also eat for long periods of time. This is why, you need to monitor their eating timings and do not allow them to get obese or sick from overeating. The feeding patterns and frequency for baby reptiles, young reptiles and adults will differ which is something you need to be vigilant in order to boost their growth and health.

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