Blue Tongue Skink Common Diseases


Blue tongue skink reptiles are generally very easy to keep in the sense that they usually do not suffer from a lot of disease and thus require very little attention. However, lack of a natural habitat including proper temperature, sunlight exposure and a good diet consisting of all the essential vitamins, minerals, calcium etc. can lead to a number of diseases. Here are some of the most common diseases found in most of the blue tongue lizards:

Respiratory Infections:
Usually caused because of lack of cleanliness and a general viral infection, this disease is not very serious and if proper care is taken at home, it cures on its own in less than a week or so.

Metabolic Skin Disease:
The lack of certain minerals in the diet can lead to permanent deformities in your reptile because of this disease. Metabolic skin disease is just like Osteoporosis condition in humans. Metabolic skin disease will take at least a month to reduce the general swelling it causes in your lizard.

Most commonly found in lizards caught in the wild, yet it can also occur in homebred lizards if they are kept too dirty. An unclean enclosure or cage can also be considered as a major cause of mites in most of the lizards.

Mouth Rot:
This disease is a very painful disease causing the swelling of mouth and redness of gums. This disease reduces the general appetite of your lizard and can result in serious deterioration of its health if not dealt properly.