Choosing the Perfect Cage for Your Skink


Choosing the best kind of cage or enclosure for your Blue Tongued Skink pet is the most beneficial thing you can do for your pet. The cage will be your pet’s home and you need to make sure that the reptile is most comfortable in it and has plenty of space to move about. Since the reptile does not climb therefore, it does not require a tall enclosure or one with a lot of height. However, it will need a cage with plenty of floor space because these reptiles are burrowers. The optimal height of the enclosure can also be determined by knowing which height is perfect for the heating lamp to achieve the required temperatures inside the cage.

When you are measuring any skink terrarium, do not measure only in terms of gallons because if someone is telling you in terms of gallons, it could mean a tank with too much height and no floor space. Therefore, always include the floor space of the tank in the measurements as well. Probably the most optimal measurements for a blue tongue skink cage would be that it should be three feet long, two or three feet wide and at least one feet tall. Normally skinks are not curious enough to climb to the screen top and attempt to climb out but nevertheless, a tank that is one feet or more tall can keep you from worrying about this possibility. However, you can get any size of the tank bigger than this because for these reptiles, bigger space is definitely much better as long as you have all the materials inside to make the reptile comfortable.

The best material for the blue tongued skink cage is probably glass because you can transmit heat through it and the reptile can see outside the glass as well. Do not use Tupperware as the material for the tank because they do not make good and comfortable homes for the reptile. Other materials like wood may not be a good idea either because the reptile cannot see outside the wood or because your heat lamp may not be able to give the kind of humidity and temperature required by the lizard.

Once you are done getting the tank, remember, it is just as important to keep the tank clean because reptiles living in unclean tanks can develop diseases and sicknesses and transmit them to other reptiles living with them. Everything inside the tank including the water bowl and basking rock needs to be kept clean and smelling fresh on a regular basis.