Characteristics of Blue Tongue Skink Lizards


Skink reptiles have more than 1200 different kinds of species which differ from other lizards due to lack of properly formed legs. But this does not mean that skink lizards are lazy in movement, in fact if you try to catch them; they have a very swift pace that cannot be easily beaten. Blue tongue skink, as the name suggests, is different from other lizards because of their prominent bright blue tongue that represent a sign of warning to attack on the approaching creature. The skinks are not poisonous in nature and can be easily kept as pet in your house. When trained and tamed properly, you can even let them go around your house freely since they are harmless to human beings.

Skink Lizards have a hard outer skin with is full of dark and light brown colors, the patterns on a male blue tongue skinks are usually more prominent than that of a female. In addition to this, this specie of reptile has a disproportionate body in the sense that they are usually chubbier around the necks as compared to the rest of the body. With very small legs and a long body, these reptiles can be clearly distinguished from other species. The reptile can grow up to two feet in length and prefer to live in dry or semi humid places. For this reason, they are mostly found in Asia and Australian regions, in grasslands and near desert regions.

These reptiles are generally shy in nature and do not like too much human contact. Therefore if you are planning to keep one as a pet, you will have to encage it for some time to make him get used to you and your family. Being omnivorous in nature, your pets can feed on both meat and vegetables, fruits, leaves etc. but these reptiles like to have insects, worms and flies etc. on regular bases. It is usually difficult to distinguish between a male and female blue tongue skink just by looking at it since their reproductive organs. are internally present but generally speaking, a male lizard is less energetic than a female one.

Similarly, the diet of a male blue tongue skink is more than that of a female skink but apart from this, a mere inspection of the lizard may not help you decide its gender. These lizards are quiet creatures that are usually more active during the day and dormant at night. They need feeding once in every two to three days and can become very good house pets for those who do not want a high maintenance pet.