Breeding Blue Tongue Skinks


Blue tongue skink lizards are a rare type of reptiles and therefore breeding them might be a very good idea but it requires a lot of patience along with proper care of the lizard. Whether you have a male or a female lizard, the breeding process requires certain conditions that need to be fulfilled to ensure successful mating. The first is the brumation or the cooling off the lizard; this is like hibernation in the sense that the activity of the lizard slows down to a large extent. The process has to continue for the entire winter month followed by a normal activity period from the end of February.

Once normal, the opposite gender has to be introduced and special attention needs to be paid to the entire mating process in order to ensure that the male and female skinks do not get too hurt or injured during the process. The gestation period is usually between six months to a year and may cause your female to become grumpy and aggressive.

It is very important to take good care of your lizard’s health when she is pregnant, you should add proper diet supplements along with a healthy and mineral rich natural diet. Even if your lizard refuses to have food initially, you should remain consistent so that the health of your skink does not deteriorate. By the end of the gestation period, the females mood becomes more pleasant and her breathing becomes heavy showing that the babies are about to be born.

Breeding Process and Procedures
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Handling Blue Tongue Skinks during Brumation
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Pregnancy of Female Blue Tongue Skink
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