Bonding with Your Blue Tongue Skinks


The blue skink reptiles do have a specific personality of their own involving individual habits and preferences for food and drink. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to bond with your blue tongue lizard, you must determine the things that it likes and dislikes. Generally, these reptiles are shy of human interaction and may therefore take a lot of time to get used to your presence so do not rush into bonding with them. Initially, you lizard will become very still when it sees you approaching but since they are good at recognizing faces and voices, within a week or so, your pet will know that you are its new owner.

If you are looking for a more friendly blue tongue skink, then try getting a homebred lizard that is usually well aware of human presence and may thus take only a day or two to bond with you. These lizards usually do not like to be handled a lot but in order to bond with them; it may be a good idea to hold your lizard in your hand and stroke its smooth and scaly skin with a light hand. Make sure that you handle it well and do not squeeze it too much that it becomes uncomfortable. Apart from that, you can also try to feed it with your own hand; this has proven to be very effective to make your lizard get used to you.

Once tamed, your lizard can prove to be an amazing pet. You can not only take it out for a walk but also let it out inside your house and it will move around with you like a cat or dog. Bonding with a blue tongue lizard can be a tiring process especially if it is a wild caught. So stay consistent in it and do not given up if your pet runs away as soon as it sees you.

Give it time, do not over impose your company on it and do not ignore it completely. Make sure that the animal is well kept and has a natural habitat in its enclosure, add some plants and grass to the cage to give the lizard a home like feeling. There so no specific trick or tips that can help you get closer to your lizard since they are very unpredictable and moody animals. So just keep trying and soon enough you will be sitting in your television room, watch your favorite game with your pet blue tongue skink lizard by your side.