Blue Tongue Skink Shedding


Like most animals, the Blue Tongued Skink will go through a process of shedding an outer layer of skin. Like the birthing process, it is completely natural and requires little outside interference. You will also know if the reptile is shedding or not and when it is done shedding. A few days after it is done shedding, just make sure that the toes and the tip of the reptile’s tail is completely free of shedding since it can pile up and cause constriction leading to possible damage and loss of the toe. Normally, skinks that are neglected have built up shed on their toes and tail and often, it is a very difficult task of getting the shedding to loosen up.

You will know that your pet reptile is about to shed when the color of its skin becomes very dry and dull. The underside of the skink, among other body parts may undergo a color transformation of a milky color about a week or so before the actual shedding. The animal may even change some of its eating habits right before it sheds its skin. However, after the shedding it over, you will be surprised by the freshness and richness of the reptile’s smooth skin.

The toes of a blue tongue skink are very delicate and this is why, the shedding may be left on the toes. Removing this shedding from the toes is very important. Other than that, some shedding may also be left on the head of the reptile. This is because the back and legs of the reptile are moved around a lot making it very easy for the shedding to come off but since the head stays motionless itself, the shedding may be stuck in the scales. Normally, there is an oily substance produced by the scales that does not allow the shedding to stick but in the case of the head it may and you’ll know it if the part of the head with the shedding turns much darker than the rest of the body. In such a case, the simplest thing to do is rub it with your thumb and the shedding should come off.

Do not try to pull the shedding off the animal yourself using things like tweezers since one wrong swipe can hurt the reptile. Shedding is a normal procedure and whether the animal takes one day or more, it will be able to do most of it on its own. Some shedding may also be left in the ear known as earplugs and is easy to take out with fingers.