Blue Tongue Skink Care


Got a beautiful Blue-tongued Skink reptile as pet and don’t know how to deal with it? Don’t worry as you will find every single detail about your Blue-tongued Skink reptile here. Ranging from the basic biological introduction, purchasing process, habitat of your skink to the diet and food chart, breeding, sheltering and discussing different diseases – you will find everything on this

Blue-tongued Skink (Tiliqua nigrolutea) is the easiest and most preferred lizard to keep as a pet. With a diverse nature and personality, you will be truly amazed having a reptile pet. However, caring your reptile pet is one of the most crucial tasks that require proper knowledge and understanding to deal with a number of situations. You have to be cautious about their diets, caging requirements and cleanliness to avoid any unpleasant situation. Being ultimate pet lizard, they enjoy the keeper’s company and love to develop a bond. According to many, blue tongue skink reptiles are among top 5 reptile choices for beginners and children.

Check out the care sheet for a thorough and resourceful pool of information about your Blue-tongued Skink pet to provide more care and knowing how to deal with various uncommon situations.

Skink Facts & Information
General information and facts about this unique lizard.

Diet and Nutrition
All about diet and nutrition, supplement, and reptile vitamin.

The Reptile Food Chart
Selection of appropriate  food as its main diet and supplement.

Blue Tongue Skink Cage and Housing
Cage and vivarium setup for this reptile.

Reptile Lighting, Heating, and Humidity
Creating the comfortable environment  to make your pet happy.

Handling Tips
How to make your pet feel safe when handling them.

Breeding Technique
Step-by-step breeding techniques every inexperienced breeder should know.

Skink Buying Guide
Don’t over rely on pet shop. You should know these tips.

Social Interaction
The relationship between the lizard and others can be developed.

Skink Common Disease and Illness
The commonly found sickness and infection.