Best Ways to Interact with Blue Tongue Skink


Blue tongue skink lizards are not just the gooey, slimy snakes or other reptiles that the society considers them to be. In fact, they are one of the few species of reptiles that have the capability of developing a bond with their owners. They can recognize voices and can remember face; therefore, if you spend time with your Skink, you can not only tame it very easily but can also allow him to be less shy towards human interaction.

You can socially interact various ways with your Skink, for starts you can sit and talk to it on regular bases. Let your reptile know that how your day was, what you did all day and how did you manage to complete your work etc. You will observe that the eyes of the reptile are like human eyes, they have emotions and feelings in them. Therefore, as you tell your skink your everyday story, you will automatically start developing a bond with your pet. The blue tongue lizards are very curious animals, thus if you want to interact with them, the best way would be to set up a pile of old cereal boxes, blankets etc. on the floor and your skink play with it. Observe that the lizard does not only get excited about it but also that it can spend hours exploring through the trash that you have set up.

People interact with their lizard by feeding them with their own hands and by rubbing their hand on its head, this may be a good idea only if the lizard is home bred. Wild caught lizards are usually a little aggressive, so hand feeding them might involve a little risk. However, once you interact with them on daily bases, even the wild caught lizard can be tamed. Be very careful while taking your lizard out of its cage, since they are supposed to be wild animals, they have a tendency of running away. Therefore, you have to ensure that your lizard will not try to escape when you take it out in the sun. Otherwise, you can simple let your BTS reptile roam around in your living room, make it watch television with you and interact with it while having a cup of coffee.

Keeping a pet is not an easy job, especially when the pet is a lizard that is less of a speaker and more of a listener. Feed your reptile well and take good care of it to get the same return from your pet’s side.